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Workout Experience

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The WOD is the Heart of Your Box

Choose a dedicated workout solution that your athletes will love.

Kaylee SuitorsCo-Owner, CrossFit Solus

"We tried the all-in-one gym packages but I love that SugarWOD focuses on the workout. It is the best option for performance tracking and strengthening community."

Scale Up Your Workout

Is your workout process consistent and efficient end-to-end?

Program Once, Publish Everywhere

Add your programming to the calendar, we'll do the rest. At the time you want, we'll publish your workouts each day to your athlete's (and coach's) phones, your gym's TVs and your affiliate website. Even manage your Oly Class, Endurance Club or other specialty programs using our multiple workout calendars. All your workouts, benchmarks, workout plans and notes get managed in a single place. Searchable, re-usable, and tagged by movement.

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Preparation = More Efficient Classes

Help your athletes and coaches keep classes running smoothly and with maximum benefit. Each day, your athletes receive an in-app "prep" packet with their lift charts, movements videos, and relevant notes. Percentage calculators and historical performances are also just a tap away. Your coaches will be kept in the loop by sharing your workout plans, scaling options and warm-up notes.

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Deliver More Personalized Training

Our workout tracking is simple to use. So simple that your members will actually do it! They'll see their name up on the animated scoreboard and check out the workout schedule on the WOD board TV. Your coaches will be able to access loads of your athletes performance data, today, historical and as they progress over time. You and your coaches can monitor and analyze the results and athlete progress as the scores roll in throughout the day.

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Connect Your Community Outside the Box

Once class is over, your still athletes want to connect with your gym and each other. With shared scoreboards, posting comments (yay emojis!) and giving fistbumps, your gym stays connected after the workout is over. Via mobile apps or the website, you and your coaches will stay up-to-date with what's happening in your gym.

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Sweet Features

A Product Deeper Than Our Air Squat.


  • Percentage Calculators
  • Kgs or Lbs Logging
  • Box Security Settings
  • Coaches-Only Workout Plans
  • Privacy Controls
  • 1000s of Built-in Workouts


  • Fistbumps & Comments
  • Photos & Scoreboards
  • Movement Videos
  • Automatic PR calculation
  • Facebook Integration ()
  • Mobile WOD Notifications


  • Multi-Screen BoxTVs
  • Workout Plugin for Your Website
  • Lightening Fast Workout Search
  • Drag & Drop Programming
  • Automated Workout Prep Materials
  • Multiple Workout Calendars
David GreeneOwner, CrossFit Spero

"I love SugarWOD for its ease-of-use. Programming workouts is simple. We have a TV in the gym so all members can check the leaderboard."

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